I bloat horrendously after a good meal so if we could excuse the preggo looking belly that'll be lovely thank you xx

I've never been a crop top girl. My stomach isn't toned and I could be as skinny as a pole and still not want it on show. I can handle cropped shirts that sit upon the top of my extremely high waisted jeans, but if a sliver of skin were to show, I'd button my jacket up and never undo it again. Until I became extremely hot one summer day and changed into the oddest outfit I've ever worn. And... I liked it.
Digressing a tad, I looked online recently at whether other people thought crop tops were cool. I found less opinions on the clothes, and more opinions on how people should 'prep' to wear such an item. Such words as 'de-bloat' (so I just shouldn't eat all day no?) 'wax any hair' (plain rude tbh) and 'don't wear loose fabrics but don't have it stuck to your body' (so which one am I meant to do here?) made me laugh and cringe simultaneously.
To answer my title question; yes crop tops are cool. Literally cool. I haven't been as breezy and free as I was in that flowy thing and I'm waiting for this weather to heat up once more to pull it out of the wardrobe for another city adventure.


I find Father's day SO hard to buy for. Any ideas are done on birthdays and Christmas so on this day, gift buying is tricky. I also forget its  in June. Every year. Here's a quick list of the easiest little gifts to pick up a few days (or THE day) if you also have no idea what on earth you're doing.

Beard related items
Has he got a beard? Beard oils, brushes and creams come in all kinds of sized gift boxes and could be a joke present if the paps cannot grow one either!

Box sets and new releases of his favourite shows are a fab choice. I don't think my dad has Netflix personally, so DVDs are a great idea to get him to watch that show you've been banging on about all year. And if he doesn't watch them, you can nick it anyway. I love a bit of an Action or Si-fi watch, and 20th Century Fox have a great range of films for all years, for dads and their offsprings to watch at any age. You could even made a cinema hamper up, a few films, popcorn, cans of drink (or beer) for a fuller looking gift!
On the topic of films and DVDs, I love picking up film merch of the classics that I know he loves to watch. One being the Star Wars franchise, and his kitchen is full of R2D2 egg cups and Darth Vader mugs already.

Click here for the list of 20th Century Fox films and TV shows, including new hits such as The Greatest Showman and Goodbye Christopher Robin.

Who doesn't like a fragrance? Any supermarket, drug store and even high street clothing shops have their own fragrance lines now, so picking up your dad's fave scent has never been easier. Yardley have rebranded recently, first producing a line of brand new fragrances for the modern woman, to now a men's line. The Urbane scent is gorgeous and I half want to keep if for myself to be honest.

Products marked with an * were gifted. This post is not sponsored. 

The last time I went out was October. It's nearly June. I don't count my birthday party because that was inside and I drank coke all night as my throat had felt like killing me off on my 21st. I'm not much of a goer-outer, so for me this isn't much of an issue, just a point really. I remember back two summers ago, I had just quit my uni course after lasting 6 months and was working 8 hours a weekend because I physically couldn't handle anymore standing. My weekend work wasn't the most accommodating. A year before, I ended up in hospital with blue, clotting legs, and at work, when the end of my shift came around and I just wanted to sit down after hours and hours of standing still, I was told to go back to my till and wait until they said I could go, or drag a basket full of rubbish upstairs and lob it into a bin. Two summers ago I found my current job, in my old secondary school and my life changed for the better. When I started, I was working there from 8.15-4 (ish) everyday and until October of that year, did 6 hours a day on the weekends also. I'm not sure how I did it, but I did, and quitting that awful retail place was one of the best feelings in the world. 

Fast forward a year. It's September again, I'm still at my full time job, and blogging on the side. Silly Katie decided that writing blog posts of an evening isn't enough work, and thinks going back to uni would be a fun idea. Oh Katie, aren't you silly. The end of September arrives and I'm working the same hours a day, but now I'm at the stage in my blog career that I'm attending events every few days. September sees new beauty launches, pre-fashionweek stuff, and the usual press parties. I would then come home, and sit on my bed at 9/10pm to learn a new unit for my degree. Come October and my mum mutters "you're burning the wick at both ends, soon you'll fuse out". And I did. I cried because I couldn't think straight and was only passing my units, not getting the merits I'd hoped for. I'm a morning person, to an extent, but would wake up at 7.15 and have about 20 minutes to get ready if I had any hope of getting myself some food for the day on the way to work. Whilst we're on the food subject, I lost all appetite. Now, I'm a big eater. Give me McDonalds' three times a day and I'll be yours. Anxiety was a minutely (rather than daily) experience, and come October, I simply couldn't do it anymore. 

I stopped going to every event I was asked to. Train fares aren't cheap, and pretending to like the awful prosecco I was being given was a harder task to swallow, literally. My grades were going up, and I actually got home, showered and to bed at a normal time. We're now in May, nearing June, and I'm still juggling life. I leave for work at 7.40, head to Asda to get my tuna sandwich and water, then get in at 8 before everyone in my department, bar my bosses. I'll leave work at 3.30 unless it's my overtime day, which will see my exit at 4.20ish, and head home. Ofc I do still love going to product launches, now that I know a few people in my industry, shall we call it. But these are rare, far and few between, and I'm happy with that. There's nothing worse than thinking I have a deadline in two days and my evenings are spent being ignored by a PR rep whilst I'm having a canapĂ© shoved in my face. I do my uni degree completely online, with lectures and forums and essays submitted every two weeks. I don't have to drive anywhere or make conversation with people in a classroom, and I bloody love it. I plan things to a T and writing lists helps me to see how much of something I need to do that evening, be it blog, work or uni related. I spend each weekend out taking photos, which is hard when your blogger pals have free time during the week, and you only have half terms to venture into the city. 

I'm doing well. Anxiety is still at a high, and my stress will never stop. I have say, 3 or 4 different possible career paths right now that I'd be happy with. I'm also completing a very expensive course through work which will be amazing to have behind me once I'm done in November. Another thing to add to my list, but something I'm ever so grateful for. My life is jam packed with things, and I never have a 'day off' as such. But when you enjoy what you do and your hobby is classed as one of your jobs, how could you complain really.

I didn't intend to buy the trousers. I intended to buy a cami top. Said top didn't fit and I returned it. I have the mind set that once purchased, that money is spent. If I then return, it's like free money and I can splash it on what I please. This is a dangerous mind set. Do not copy.

However, I stumbled across these trousers on a few Instagram stories and the words 'why not' ran through my mind. I ordered an 8, risky as my hips are a 10 and waist a large 6, if that's even a thing. When I say they fit perfectly, I am not lying. It's like they were made to measure. 

The paperbag style is a very big trend as the minute, and I previously tried a skirt with the design and hated it, in ear that nothing would look right tucked in, and definitely not hanging over the top. However, these are so very high waisted, that tucking a blouse or a t-shirt in shouldn't be an issue. Add a pair of loafers or court heels for an office look and you're good to roll out the door at 6am.

If you prefer to roll in the door at 6am on the other hand, after a wild night on the town, these should do you just fine also. For my 'night' look, I added this cheap as chips bra-let with double cross straps, and my gorgeous strappy Kurt Geiger heels. These shoes are the most comfortable heels I have ever owned. I wore them to the UK Blog awards recently and could have probably run to the place and been ok (and by ok I mean my feet because I DO NOT run and think by heart would give over if I dared more than a slow jog). I don't know if it's the high but not really heel height, or the sole, or what, but I could wear these all day and feel good. 

The moral of the story is to get yourself a nice pair of trousers. Ones that are thick enough to not see your underwear, but thin enough that summer party outfits are sorted.

My first breakfast event started off in Tom's Kitchen in Chelsea.  We walked in to a small table lined with flowers and products. I've never heard of Mother Dirt before, but the ideas began to interest me greatly. 

"Bacteria is the new black". Mother dirt is literally that, using mother nature's dirt to flood the skin with the nutrients that out usual skin care products may not have. The analogy used was that, all mammals roll in dirt. Pigs, dogs, all of them. Rolling on the ground. Clearly you don't see humans rolling on the floor covered in dirt, but maybe we should be. The skin of dogs and pigs aren't covered in spots and issues that humans have, and maybe that's due to the way we treat our skin.

The brand have brought 4 products over from the states, a shampoo, cleanser, moisturiser and a mist spray. The spray contains live bacteria and needs to be kept in the fridge. It claims to restore the skin and make it more resilient, whilst allowing you to start reducing the amount of skin products that you pile on everyday. The shampoo isn't a wow after one use product, but one I think would be impressive after a month or so, to see if it changes the wash cycle routine and greasiness of the roots a few days after each cleanse. I've used it once to this effect and am exciting to see what it can do.

The cleanser promises to restore key components that can be lost with other skincare products. My pride and joy of Liz Earle will be hard to let go of, and I'd love to see how this affects my skin, as I'm not a huge skincare geek. Lastly, the moisturiser is very oil like and a little goes along way. I have broken out since using it, but this may be due to the fact that I used a lot on the first go, and the skin may need to adjust to the 'dirt'. We shall see.

The breakfast consisted of a few nibbles, not a breakfast of sorts, and then a tour of the V and A. The tour was meant to be of the exhibition that Mother Dirt are apart of, but unknown to ourselves and the PR, the brand booked two tours, one of the entire museum and one of the exhibition. We lasted 40 mins on the first tour before we had to head off to another event. Spending nearly four hours with a company since 9am is enough we thought, and didn't fancy walking round for a few more hours aimlessly. 

I digress... I shall be trialling the products over the coming weeks, and in theory, they sound fab. 

I'll be happy when... is a thought I've had many a time. When I was 15 it was 'I'll be happy when I get braces to fix my teeth' then at 17 it was 'I'll be happy when I've passed my driving test'. Back then it was acceptable to see things and want more. Things I couldn't change because of my age/money were fine to wish and hope for, but what about now?

I'll be happy when my teeth are white. Then go and whiten them. I'll be happy when I hit 10k. Then stop hoping and just do it. 

It's more than healthy to want more. To see success and to rely on that. But when that comes and passes, then what? Are you not happy? The unfulfilled hole in our souls shall never be closed, merely objects or oppotunities pass through it, scraping the sides but never holding on. We will never be happy, so in turn, we must see what we already have, for these are the things we hoped and wished for once before. 

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