I hate anything touching me. I'm all for skinny jeans and tight tops, but physical pressure is a no go, so chokers aren't for me and my watches usually swing around my wrist. I recently acquired some pieces from Jewellerybox* and thought I'd share with you the things I've been addicted to recently. 

Every princess needs a tiara. This princess wears hers as a midi ring on her index finger along with an understated birthstone one whilst she's at it. They're small, simple and they're all I ask in a finger accessory. 


I've been branching out recently, to gold. I'm a silver lover. Everything is pearly or silver. But now I own a bit of pearly gold to mix it up a bit. This double chain necklace sits just below the collar line for a subtle addition. 


Pearls. The only thing you'll ever find on my ear. I have two piercings per ear, so dainty studs are perfect, especially as I'm not a fan of heavy drooping things that I fear someone'll walk past a rip off. It's a fear.

What's in your summer jewellery collection?

*All items were gifted. This post was not sponsored, in no way requested, and all views are my own.

I'm very much an open book. Ask me a question and I'll go off on a million paths to answer it fully. I'm not however a writer of my life, a self narrator if you will, so the whole 'life update' thing is rare and far between. That being said, heres how the past 7 months have come together to today, where I sit at 10:16am on a Tuesday morning writing about something I don't usually do but am doing. Off we go.

Without a doubt there has only been big thing that stood out between January and May. I headed down to Northern Cyprus with some of my closest family and spent two weeks in the early summer sun, burning my skin, not tanning at all, and most importantly, getting heatstroke on the last few days to which I spent a lot of time with my head over a toilet, being sick on the beach, in my lunch bag on the plane, and a shoe box an hour after we got home. It was the first time my family realised how much my blog and Instagram plans were at the forefront of my mind. The trip was overall a success, and I now realise how lucky I am that my cousins are all extremely close, in age and life. 
We have my job, and my uni course as a continuing thing throughout the year, and it shall be for many years to come. So we won't focus on them, but we shall focus on a boy. By focus I mean mention once or twice and document within my life as a large part of it. I'm not a squishy poetical person, but he is honestly one of the smartest humans I've ever met, has a fabulous face, and for some odd reason, is really bloody nice to me. So there we are, he has been documented and officially on the blog. 

Mentally, I'm better than I've ever felt in general. I think when I'm having a "calm day" as I call them, I'm the best I'll get. When they're bad, they're the worst they've been. But I am getting there. 

It's summer now. The pool is up, the lilo is blown, and the cups of tea are never far away. This is good, it's all really good.

That is it really. A quick roundup of things from the past 7 months. So heres to the next 5 x

We arrived at 1pm, an hour after the new Spectrum store in Carnaby Street opened it's cafe. It's vegan, pink and marble heaven. The bottom floor of the building is the brush shop, playing host to every collection from the past year whilst a quick hop up the stairs leads you to luminous signage, hanging plant pots and cupcakes galore. 

I grew up around soya, my brother was/is allergic to everything bar the kitchen sink and I'd have a love hate relationship with the chocolate flavour version I'd nick from the fridge. I'll happily drink a pint of milk any second of the day, despite the 7 month looking bloat baby it gives me. Adding soya to tea was a new one and it made... literally no difference in taste, just minus the usual bloat. Winner.

£3.99 for a pot of tea for two in London? A rarity. The entire place is a pink heaven. The sofa, the walls, with the green leafy tables complimenting the space.
The brushes themselves are fab quality, vegan, cruelty free and I had the pleasure of partying with the Spectrum sisters at the launch of the Little Mermaid launch a few months ago. A literal dream come true.

If you fancied popping town to Carnaby Town (Street but it didn't sound as fancy) then keep walking until you see the little pink corner shop in the middle. You can't miss it!

I will never ever be able to afford Balmain, or anything of the sort. I'll therefore have to revert to dupes, inspirations, and anything that slightly resembles the designer pieces. My style inspos range for the Josie Ldns to the Laura Blairs and Lydia Millen-Gordons. The latter being my shopping focus recently. The classy, classic, effortless style is something I've admired for a while, and I'm more aware of buying slightly more expensive but still high street pieces that will stand the test of time for a while. Today I bring you the blazer dress, inspired by my fashion gurus and the only designer I ever think of to produce such elegant items. 

The dress is pure white, with double breasted gold military style buttons down the middle. A tad see through so a nude or white cami dress wouldn't go a miss, but my shorter thin vest top worked wonders too. I paired it with this thick double ring best from Primark, but the trend has stayed with us for quite a while now and many brands are pumping them out as we speak. I love anything high waisted, so I'm more than happy to stab a few extra holes in and make it small enough for my waist, rather than hips. I added plain nude faux suede court heels and a quilted bag to tie the colours together. 

I absolutely adore this outfit for work, or a fancy evening on the town and am always on the look out for more Balmain inspired bits and bobs.

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Colours: Yellow isn't my thing. Off the shoulders were never my thing. Crop tops certainly are not my thing. However, this clueless inspired top is cheap as chips and I am completely in love with it. I don't venture much from my wardrobe. Pinks, greys, whites and nudes are everything I own bar a few blue dresses, jeans and the odd black denim. I know that red works in the winter, not the summer. I know that if I wear a grey top, I'll sweat the pits out (tmi?). I know that I cannot wear a strapless bra unless I want it on my hips an hour later. So I didn't. Normal strappy Primark bra at the ready, I tucked the straps into the cups and popped the top on. 

Jewels: I'm not a jewellery person at all. If I remember to add a bracelet or some studs then I've achieved something for the day. Recently however I've actively made myself put something on. My favourites have been a fossil bracelet that I received for my 18th a few years ago (I'm old now) anything with pearls on. A-n-y-t-h-i-n-g. 

I won't be doing any drastic wardrobe changes just yet, as the weather limits me to a bikini most days but I am VERY much looking forward to next season for a few more switches and experiments. Bring on Autumn!

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