I want to be busy. I love it in fact. I don't love getting up at 6.30am Monday-Friday busy, but I cannot sit and just be still. I did that once; a bank holiday weekend where my mum and sister were away and my barely says a word ever brother sat in his room on whatever console he has, for 3 days straight. I have a very minute amount of friends to do anything with, so I stayed inside for 72 hours. It killed me. 
My day goes like this:6.30am: up, refresh emails, check my Simpsons tapped out game (obsessed) and get ready for work.
8am-4pm: go to work, work, come home from work.
Break and lunch: check emails every two minutes and plan social media posts (once again, obsessed).
4pm-late: uni work (either a two week discussion forum to contribute to each night, or a lengthy report to write up and cry over), emails, emails, blog work, emails, instagram edit, invoicing, emails.OR 4pm: rush to get changed, hair and makeup4.30pm: head to an event for the evening only to return at 10/11pm knackered

It may sound simple enough, but I assume you it is not. Two years ago I had just started my full time job. I was so worried about paying for my car that I didn't quit my weekend job either. That place took the mick each week and despite my clear bad health to the point I would cry in pain during my break (if they even let me have one) and have to beg to use the loo. My day job seemed like heaven for 5 days at this point. I still attended events in the evenings, got up at 6.30 the next day, and every single day for two months straight. I would work 6-8 hours on the weekends until my body ached and I was sick. My mum was concerned and came out with the 'you're burning the candle at both ends' metaphor which has stuck with me and been my voice of reason when I need to slow down. 
My self employed blogger person is so very grateful for the oppotunities that I get and am invited to, that saying no would seem like the worst thing I could do. Even now if I get an invite to anywhere I'll be visibly gutted if it's during work time and apologize hugly to the brand or PR. If I were to ever give any of it up, this would be the seemingly easiest thing to do, but it's not. I have to work because I need money. I have to go to uni because I'll never get that job I want without it. I want to be fully self employed more than anything, but it's not that easy. 
Sometimes I wonder what the conversation would be if I were to ring up an old schoolmate and talk about where I am now, in a very up my bum showing off kind of way. To hear my boyfriend telling his pals about my blog in a proud way is just everything. I spend my weekends with him now, at the pub on a Friday night with his mates, having a date night or a day movie watching on the sofa. I'm still always waiting for that email to come in or a post idea to come to light, but I think to switch life off, you need to find something (or someone) that fills every inch of joy that those things bring, all at once. I think I've got it now. 
I'll continue to be busy for the foreseeable future. It's not where I want to be, but until someone donates a large sum to my cause, there's not much else to it. 

I call it my 'jazzy up coat'. The one that goes with EVERYTHING. Shot on a mid-temp autumnal day the coat seemingly made every outfit I could think up. There are many versions of the humble camel longline coat, but this one caught my eye for a few reasons. A lot of the others had either padded or dropped shoulders, something I am aware I'd get irritated with after the first wear. The material is wool looking, but not itchy at all. And the price, at around £35, was a purchase I'd thought hard about (being a poor highstreet buyer) but I knew wanted more than your average Primark product. 

I've wanted one for a while. Hence why when I was last paid, I quickly headed to the New Look website to snap it up. I've since received many a compliment and have now seen a few similar pieces floating around my work place. I love this coat. Like a cat or a baby. Pure love.

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They say to find your USP. To find what makes you stand out. I'm studying for a degree in business, but it was way before this, even before my business A Level, back in year 10, where it was drummed into me that a business with a difference will succeed above the rest. A blog (an instagram, twitter, whatever it is) IS a business if you want it to be. But it's not the same as starting up a new phone company or supermarket, and trying to lure customers to your place and not your competitors.

You don't see Asda, Tesco and Morrisons working together, collaborating or shouting each other out. Their business market is so very intense that they need to be the better priced, better value, a better quality business. Bloggers aren't the same.

Content is recycled, inspired from, and sometimes downright copied (the latter is naughty and a no no). You'll be lucky to think of a post that no one has written about before, and when you do, a week later 10 other people are writing a similar thing. So how can we find a USP in this overly saturated market of ours? The answer is that sometimes, you just can't, and that's ok. When I first started blogging (or more vlogging at the beginning) I would literally do what Zoella did. The same outfits she wore, the same sort of places she went to, being inspired by someone and trying to replicate that person, but if you haven't noticed, it didn't work because I am in fact not Zoella. Her USP was the time that she posted, along with her personality and the friendship group she seemed to have with others that did the same. It was like watching TV but real life. Years have passed and now everyone is writing a blog or filming themselves in garden centers, and that's all well and good, but you have to stand out. Somehow. 

There's a few people that follow me, on instagram and occasionally the blog, who read my content purley because it 'makes them laugh', and they have no interest in what I'm actually saying, but how I say it. Personality is key. I once read a blog post from an instagrammer who decided that a blog would further their career. It was so faulsed and dull that I felt bad for the girl who had written it. Her content is fab on social media, and her following growing daily, but she spat out a blog post purley to have something up and all it did was confuse me that if she actually knew what she was talking about. The overall message here is that if you don't want to write, then don't. It won't help you in any way.

Whether or not you like the algorithm, or think it's picking on you, Instagram is a platform that you cannot miss out on. I far more enjoy producing content on there than my blog presently, as it's quicker (to some extent) and my current overly busy schedule allows a post during my put-the-kettle-on mid essay writing time. If you know instagram well, you'll know when it's going to do your post dirty. I know that posting at 1pm on a Friday is a silly idea as the first 10 minutes engagement will determine how many people will see your post for the next few hours. If no one is online at 1pm, no one will see your post after that. I know that if I post and my app crashes or glitches (for example going back onto my page and having to refresh to see it) it once again won't do well. So in a world where photos are uploaded each and every second, how do you stand out when people are scrolling so fast? I think engagement is huge here. Linking back to the personality point, if you engage, story like you're talking to a pal, more people will get to know YOU and not just your photos. Of course, what you actually post is a huge help too, with presets and themes being helpful. With more and more of us jumping on the lightroom, facetune trends, inevitably the way that you edit (if at all) won't be the only one of that style at some point.

Find something that works for you. If you like it, and you start to see the gains, then all's well. If you don't, but love what you're doing, continue and it'll come. Just don't sell out to find your selling point.

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I hate anything touching me. I'm all for skinny jeans and tight tops, but physical pressure is a no go, so chokers aren't for me and my watches usually swing around my wrist. I recently acquired some pieces from Jewellerybox* and thought I'd share with you the things I've been addicted to recently. 

Every princess needs a tiara. This princess wears hers as a midi ring on her index finger along with an understated birthstone one whilst she's at it. They're small, simple and they're all I ask in a finger accessory. 


I've been branching out recently, to gold. I'm a silver lover. Everything is pearly or silver. But now I own a bit of pearly gold to mix it up a bit. This double chain necklace sits just below the collar line for a subtle addition. 


Pearls. The only thing you'll ever find on my ear. I have two piercings per ear, so dainty studs are perfect, especially as I'm not a fan of heavy drooping things that I fear someone'll walk past a rip off. It's a fear.

What's in your summer jewellery collection?

*All items were gifted. This post was not sponsored, in no way requested, and all views are my own.

I'm very much an open book. Ask me a question and I'll go off on a million paths to answer it fully. I'm not however a writer of my life, a self narrator if you will, so the whole 'life update' thing is rare and far between. That being said, heres how the past 7 months have come together to today, where I sit at 10:16am on a Tuesday morning writing about something I don't usually do but am doing. Off we go.

Without a doubt there has only been big thing that stood out between January and May. I headed down to Northern Cyprus with some of my closest family and spent two weeks in the early summer sun, burning my skin, not tanning at all, and most importantly, getting heatstroke on the last few days to which I spent a lot of time with my head over a toilet, being sick on the beach, in my lunch bag on the plane, and a shoe box an hour after we got home. It was the first time my family realised how much my blog and Instagram plans were at the forefront of my mind. The trip was overall a success, and I now realise how lucky I am that my cousins are all extremely close, in age and life. 
We have my job, and my uni course as a continuing thing throughout the year, and it shall be for many years to come. So we won't focus on them, but we shall focus on a boy. By focus I mean mention once or twice and document within my life as a large part of it. I'm not a squishy poetical person, but he is honestly one of the smartest humans I've ever met, has a fabulous face, and for some odd reason, is really bloody nice to me. So there we are, he has been documented and officially on the blog. 

Mentally, I'm better than I've ever felt in general. I think when I'm having a "calm day" as I call them, I'm the best I'll get. When they're bad, they're the worst they've been. But I am getting there. 

It's summer now. The pool is up, the lilo is blown, and the cups of tea are never far away. This is good, it's all really good.

That is it really. A quick roundup of things from the past 7 months. So heres to the next 5 x

We arrived at 1pm, an hour after the new Spectrum store in Carnaby Street opened it's cafe. It's vegan, pink and marble heaven. The bottom floor of the building is the brush shop, playing host to every collection from the past year whilst a quick hop up the stairs leads you to luminous signage, hanging plant pots and cupcakes galore. 

I grew up around soya, my brother was/is allergic to everything bar the kitchen sink and I'd have a love hate relationship with the chocolate flavour version I'd nick from the fridge. I'll happily drink a pint of milk any second of the day, despite the 7 month looking bloat baby it gives me. Adding soya to tea was a new one and it made... literally no difference in taste, just minus the usual bloat. Winner.

£3.99 for a pot of tea for two in London? A rarity. The entire place is a pink heaven. The sofa, the walls, with the green leafy tables complimenting the space.
The brushes themselves are fab quality, vegan, cruelty free and I had the pleasure of partying with the Spectrum sisters at the launch of the Little Mermaid launch a few months ago. A literal dream come true.

If you fancied popping town to Carnaby Town (Street but it didn't sound as fancy) then keep walking until you see the little pink corner shop in the middle. You can't miss it!

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