Saturday, 7 March 2015

20 things about me...

My About Me page tells of only a few things in my life, so I thought I'd share some more little details for you all to know me a bit better.

1. Dagenham Lass.
Born in Goodmays, Essex, and moved 5 minutes down the road into Dagenham when I was 10 months old. I haven't moved since and my school is literally around the corner.

2. Marmite is fabulous.
I can eat it straight out of the jar with a teaspoon and act like it's the most normal thing in the world. For this addiction I would like to thank my Nanna who would make me Marmite on toast whilst babysitting me when I was around 3.

3. I would love to be Disney Princess.

4. Christmas addict.
My Christmas planning will start in early September and I take notes throughout the year of little things my family/friends say they like, so it's a cute surprise when they open it up on the big day :D.

5. One Direction are my babies.

6. The only meat I eat is chicken.

7. I'm a planner.
Lists lists lists. In every notebook I own you will find lists or plans for a day. I have numerous timetables for revision, exercise and work... most of which never are stuck to. But the actual planning of them makes my heart race. (I'm not completely weird promise).

8. Fave colour = mint green.

9. Looooove cats.

10. I can drive.
In October 2014 I passed my practical driving test, first time with 2 faults. However since I then had to buy a laptop and camera for my photography course, the purchasing of a car was put on hold, until recently when my Nanna and dad gave me £1000 between them to go towards a car woooo!

11. Very claustrophobic (would rather go up 10 flights of stairs than 3 seconds in a lift...)

12. Foundation horder. Unused bottles... Just in case something drastic happens to the one I'm using ;)

13. Eldest of 3 kids, younger brother and one even younger sister.

14. Studying to become a lawyer in the future. 
Off to uni in September where that road begins.

15. Still on the Good ol' BlackBerry. My BBM consists of me, 2 others and another of my accounts. And yes I send myself messages. Cool kid.

16. Youtubing since 2k12.

17. Chocolate for breckfast is something I'm ok with. Future husband take notes. 

18. I would love to own a 60s diner ahhh!

19. I've considered a perm many-a-time and still not totally against having one...

20. Currently reading 'Love Tanya' because she's the cutest person on the planet and her cooking looks fab.

21. And last but not least, I love love love food. I burn toast and can't boil an egg but food is life. 

K x

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